Pride Story

Inncon plays with a team of innovative engineers, programmers and technology experts. We focus in bringing digital revolution for your business with mobile application development, web development and end-to-end IT strategy & consulting for development projects. We work closely with Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises and large corporations to build people-centered technology solutions that exert full competence of technology.


Inncon strive for excellence in everything they think, say and do. Our vision is more dreamt of than it is articulated. We exceed the expectations by rendering Human Resource solutions with the desired Quality, Values and efficient processes in order to meet both candidate’s and client's requirements.

Our Mission is to give direction for growth and also intended to build a professional environment for maintenance and improvement which will deliver results to become the best concern, to provide manpower services among our competitors.



Ethics and fair play are the founding values of Inncon culture. Our corporate value system is based on the LEARN paradigm and is characterized by Leadership through empowerment, Excellence in delivery, Adaptable to client needs, Respect for client and employee and Nimbleness in responding to changing market needs.

We have offered the best pricing to make life easier!

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